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As I can't find a copy of Appel's essay, I will retype some interesting excerpts from it as follows: Both Lolita and Pale Fire are densely woven, apparently infinite autobiographies, and the effect of all of Nabokov's previous books in comparison with Lolita and Pale Fire is that of a far more sustained, thick, sustained, orgy of banality. But the banality is not merely a matter of more or less; rather, it is a matter of a new, completely different model of narrative. The banality of the stories in Pale Fire and Lolita is a clunking density of the soul, a somber emanation of a very deep and complex literary culture (one the product of quite mysterious and complex historical events). This case should in turn be a far more serious case of the incompetence of the author than those of, say, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or The Divine Comedy, a text whose excesses of pathos, beauty, and sheer gorgeous absurdity are so well known that any other text might be considered as a facsimile or imitation of it, or an impossible blackly humorous or ironic play on it. Here is some of the more important passages in this essay from Appel: 1. Pale Fire's Nabokov seems to be setting himself an impossible challenge, which is to reconstruct a grand, epic poem from the materials of a cheap novel, to make a cultural-historical saga out of the life and infirmities of a middle-aged writer and his adventures in the past; yet he somehow does it, with incredible effort and concision. Here is one of the best descriptions of the procedure and effect of the book in this vein: I confess that I never thought that the book would come out as well as it has. This final chapter, which contains one of the most surreal scenes in all literature, stands more than any other section of the book as a parodic equivalent for all of the others. Its brilliant and subtle title and the black, exuberant, and even mystic content of the last three pages come at the end of a series of rather prosaic treatments of the lives of the persons whom we have known through the whole book, such as the Mr. and Mrs. Humbert with their brilliantly retouched photograph, the nymphomaniac who played the role of Humbert's lover, and the "Humbert Humbert" who discovers who she is. To such




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Ls Magazine Magic Lolita Issue S Hitl valmar
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