Spring Newsletter

Ok take a deep breath. You got this! And you are not alone.

Metta Meditation


May You Be Healthy

May You Be Happy

May You Be Safe

Repeat this mantra three times for the follow people in your life. Visualize them in front of you and hold them in your heart.

1. Some one you love or cherish.

2. Some one you are indifferent to. Maybe someone you know that could use a bit of love right now.

3. Yourself.

4. Someone you are at odds with.

5. All beings.

We are all learning to navigate this new normal together. What ever your response is to the current situation, know that it is the right one. Stress and trauma are not psychological they are physiological. You read that right. We are not our thoughts, we are whole beings. Our stress is experienced in our body through our nervous system. So right now more than ever we need to move our bodies. We need to process all that we are feeling though our physical bodies in order to process stress in our nervous systems.

So move, every day. Shake, dance, do yoga, do a workout video, go for a walk. Just move.


Like most studios and fitness programs we have moved our content online. And while I wish I could post new videos everyday and go live with classes. My reality is that I am home with my two year old and he is my priority right now. We are keeping very busy with crafts, plenty of story time, Disney movies, dance parties and snuggles.

Prior to all of this I started a video library on our website and I have added some new videos to it for you to enjoy. There is free content on my Instagram page included core exercises and breathing practices, as well as videos - you can access all of this from the website. There is also a members page you can subscribe to for $13/month (which is the same price as one drop in at the studio).


Yoga for Emotional Wellbeing with KACL

We decided to host our third workshop online. You can join us this Thursday March 26th at 5:30pm on Zoom at the following link.

Originally this workshop was hosted by KACL at the Arts Hub downtown in Kenora. Due to our current situation we decided instead of cancelling to host it on zoom and to open it up to everyone. All you have to do is download zoom and join in through the link. The session will be recorded so if you can not attend or you miss it. Please send me an email request to lotwyoga@gmail.com and I will send you the recording.


LOTW Happy Backs Series Online

I have also decided to host my Happy Backs workshops through zoom. The first one starting next week on Tuesday March 31st at 5:30pm. I will be opening this workshop up to all by donation. Etransfers can be sent lotwyoga@gmail.com.

For those already enrolled you are welcome to save your enrolment for the next series in the fall.


Community Partnership with Yoga International

In the mix of all the emotions I'm feeling right now; I am really excited about this partnership. I have been accepted as a community partner with Yoga International one of the leading online streaming systems for yoga and yoga therapy.

Right now you can sign up for a FREE 30 trial of Yoga International using my personal promo code:


They are also allowing me the opportunity to upload some of my videos on to their site for you to practice at home. I have uploaded my 4 part STRONG Core & Pelvic Floor series (6 videos in total). So not only do you get access to one of my full workshops for free but you will get 30 days to try out a ton of yoga with exceptional teachers from around the world.

They are just building my page now and it may take a few days, but in the mean time check out all the other programs they have for you. It's honestly my favourite streaming site and I am so honoured to be a part of it, even if it is just for the time being.


I am missing my studio and all of you. I hope to see you all soon even if it is online. Please reach out if you need anything, have questions or just want some support.

Stay safe, stay healthy. And remember to move.

I love you all!