Happy New Year 2020!

January LOTW studio Newsletter

Everything about you was woven

from the heart of a star.

When you feel broken or alone,

just look up at the night sky and

remember who you are.

~ Nikita Gill

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season, filled with everything your soul needed.

And if you didn't and you are feeling tired or worn out, now is the time to give back to yourself. You don't need to sit in a yoga class for an hour or two. Give yourself pause during each day even if it's only for five breaths. Make those the deepest most cleansing of breaths you can. Inhale quiet space for yourself and exhale let go of anything you are carrying that no longer serves you.

I had a very interesting holiday season this year. It started busy and chaotic like many holiday seasons do and then somewhere along the way it changed. We traveled right before Christmas with our almost two year. Already not a great plan. We were sick and not the best company but we made it home in time for Christmas celebrations.

The stress of the holidays slowly melted away on Boxing Day and turned into gratitude. Christmas was over which is always sad because I start decorating and caroling in November but this year instead of the turkey and present hangover I was left with gratitude. And not the kind of gratitude that you make a list with or keep telling yourself you 'should' be feeling. Real, genuine, contentment.

This feeling, turned into days of ease. Now this may sound like a pretty typical expectation for a yoga teacher, right? Shouldn't we always be practicing gratitude. Well of course, in theory but I am only human and that is why yoga is a practice.

For me for this time of year usually fils me with anxiety. I get anxious about the thought of the holidays being over, and because its my birthday right after Christmas. But this almost involuntary gratitude has stuck around and is leading me into the new year. And I'm just going along for the ride. Letting go of all the fear of the unknown. I'm walking into the new year with new light.

Now for me this new light means a few things are going to change in the new year. I've been putting the studio and my teaching first for awhile and it is not serving me or my family.

My New Year's Resolutions I am calling My Intensions for 2020 are as follows:

1) More time with my little guy while he's still little.

2) Less drop in classes.

3) More workshops & events.

4) Getting back to my own practice, on the mat, and off.

5) Less time on Social Media. If you need to message me about yoga, please email us at lotwyoga@gmail.com I can not promise I will respond to you on Facebook.

Things may look a bit different at the studio but we will still be there offering classes that are full of expertise and heart.

I'd love to know what your Intensions are for 2020. Please share in the comments or on our social media pages.


Studio Classes/Events/Workshops


Long & Strong with Bridgitte Brown


resume January 7th


Good Morning Back, Hips & Pelvis with Jasmine Wild


resumes January 9th

running for 5 weeks until February 6th


Recovery & Mobility with Jasmine Wild

resumes January 11th

running until February 29th


* We will no longer be offering our Baker's Dozen package. Instead we have a 5 class pass. If you currently have passes they will not expire and you can still use them for any classes. Starting in 2020 you will no longer be able to use drop in passes for workshops/events/series with a separate pricing option. If you have current passes to use up you may use them as a credit but will need to email us as there is no way to do this through our MINDBODY software.

You can review these policies on our website under Pricing & Policies.


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