Feb-March-uary Newsletter

Reflecting back on February and looking ahead to March. What have we been up to this month?

"Being doesn't take any time."

Jon Kabat-Zinn (father of the modern mindfulness movement)


There was no February newsletter. Ooops!

We've been busy changing over our online registration system. In the past we used MINDBODY software to keep track of our classes, workshops, schedule, passes and clients. We found we were doing too much of the work ourselves so we have now switch over to our new provider WELLNESSLIVING. If you have an existing account and passes you will need to look in your inbox (or junk mail) for a welcome email from WELLNESSLIVING. You will be prompted to set up your new account which once completed will then have all your previous passes.

If you have not been to our studio in awhile you may not have received an email. If you still hold passes with us please contact us so we can send you an email to set up your new account and reactivate your old passes.

Once you have an account you will be able to use the app on your smartphone. To register for workshops or classes you can still go through our website and sign up that way.

We are excited to use this new system which is more compatible with our wellness studio and all the workshops we are offering. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us via email lotwyoga@gmail.com


Now into the fun stuff!

I have taken on a new role as a facilitator for mindfulness training with the Ministry of Ontario for the months of March & April. As such I have had to change my yoga schedule to fit this training in. There will be no Thursday morning drop in yoga for the next two months.

There will still be drop in classes Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

Drop In Classes:

Tuesdays with Bridgitte

Long & Strong 10:30-11:15am

Saturdays with Jasmine

Mobility & Recovery 9-10:15am


Upcoming Events & Workshop:

For more information on this full day event please see our Facebook event page. You can now register through our website under events. https://www.lotwyoga.ca/events-workshops


You can register for all 9 sessions or build your own series by signing up for workshops individually to fit your schedule. https://www.lotwyoga.ca/events-workshops


We are excited to be hosting this beautiful offering from Kathlyn Hossack. Find out more about her and this practice on her website www.evokebodymind.ca



For all the details on workshops and events please visit our website https://www.lotwyoga.ca/events-workshops


More online resources:

Can't make it to a class? You can join Jasmine for yoga online through https://www.lotwyoga.ca/free-videos

Here you find free videos, meditation, printable resources. You can also buy a monthly subscription for exclusive full length classes and the 21 day yoga challenge videos. And coming soon you can purchase and download some of the Happy Backs Series through the online store. Starting with the release of the Happy Backs - STRONG Core & Pelvic Floor series.


Never stop growing and evolving. Embrace discomfort because that's where the magic happens. That's where we learn and grow and become better versions of ourselves. Learn to be resilient and rest, not to give up. Keep going because you are worth it!