August Newsletter

If you listen closely some morning, when the sun swells

Over the horizon and the world is still and still asleep,

You might hear it, a faint noise so far inside your mind

That it must come from somewhere, from light rushing to darkness,

Energy burning towards entropy, towards a peaceful solution,

Burning brilliantly, spontaneously, in the middle of nowhere,

And you, too, must make a sound that is somewhat like it,

Though that, of course, you have no way of hearing at all.

Excerpt by George Bradley, 1986

Let the 'o' sounds of the poem echo the sound of OM. Transforming the sound into the symbol of the August sun.


Dear LOTW Community,

Summer sunny days are the perfect time to play and relax outdoors. Most of our classes are on pause for August (zoom and studio). However... we are SUPER excited to announce we have a few pop-ups in August to welcome you back to classes IN STUDIO!

We are also very excited to welcome you back to a newly renovated space. We can't wait to show you the new studio layout.


Yoga with Betsy Harris

Slow Your Flow

Monday August 9, 5:30pm

A yoga class that will help you find the power of slow movement and long holds.

75 min

Inversion Workshop

Saturday August 21, 9am

Take the fear out of going upside down. Build to head/handstand with guidance and grace.

75 min

Power It Up

Monday August 23, 5:30pm

A spicy power vinyasa class. Build heat and strength with this movement class.

75 min


Essentrics with Karine Perrin


Friday August 13, 11am

Thursday August 19, 6:30pm

Essentrics is a full body gentle workout.

Classes available in studio and online through zoom.


Yoga/ Fitness with Jasmine Wild

Yoga Dance

Tuesday August 17th, 5:30pm

60 min

A combination of mindful movement and cardio dance.