And That's a Wrap!

photo by Lyndsey Jordanna Photography

as she closed the book of her old life

sighing relief as she finally let go

she carved a path to a new begging

writing a new chapter

the uneasy feeling of change soon faded away

and for the first time in awhile her soul felt free

~ peta ramia


Where do I even begin to say thank you?

As many of you already know I have decided to step away from the studio and start a new chapter in my life. Focusing on my family and career in education. Many of you commented on social media and reached out with your kind words. I am deeply moved and grateful for each of you.

The studio space will continue to run, now under the name Lakeside Yoga Collective. I have the utmost confidence that the group of instructors running it will be amazing and bring new inspiration into the yoga community. If you haven't already seen their May schedule you can check it out on Facebook and instagram or email them I am so grateful to them for continuing to provide a space for practice and connection.

The past seven years has been an incredible journey that I will treasure forever. It has not been without its trials. I have stumbled and fallen a few times. But I was determined to learn from my mistakes and do better as I kept going and growing. Change is never easy. I knew that this was the right time for me to pursue other passions and learn new lessons.

Having said all that, I may be handing over ownership of the studio space but yoga will always be a part of me. Yoga is not something you do but something you live and become. If you have enjoyed my monthly newsletters, classes or just want to keep in touch; I will be continuing to use the website as a platform for sharing my life experiences and practices I love (including yoga). I'd love for you come along with me. And who knows you may see me attending a class or teaching again in the future.

I am forever grateful for everyone of you. Your support and love especially over the past two years has filled my heart for a lifetime.


May you feel your inner beauty, grace and strength

radiate from your deep core to your outer body,

so that you may carry it with you always.



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