Holiday Newsletter

Fairy Lights & Open Heart

May you hold your hands open to the light,

during the longest nights,

and darkest days.

May you remember that it is through the darkness that we see the light,

and bring hope into the heart.

Our wish for you this holiday season is that you discover your HYGGE (hoo-ga).

Hygge is a feeling or a moment of coziness, warmth & wellness. Whether alone or with family or friends, may you find contentment, joy and bliss.

Om peace, peace, peace.

LOTW Yoga & Wellness Studio has a few delicious holiday workshops/events coming in December. We will also be taking some time off for the holidays to spend with our family & loved ones. From December 18 - January 1 we will not be answering emails or other messages. If you are trying to get in contact with us we are not ignoring you, we will get back to you in the new year. If you are trying to register for classes please do not expect a reply before January 2nd. You can find our upcoming workshops & events in the newsletter below.

December 10th - Hygge & the Sutras, the 8 limbs of yoga, yin, yoga, yoga Nidra & music.

5:30-7:30pm; enjoy tea, cookies, community & the true meaning of yoga in this cozy setting.

December 12th - Hygge Through the Chakras, yin, meditation, sound therapy.

5:30-7:30pm, with a guest performance from local artist Reilly Scott

both events led by Jasmine Wild

Holiday Candlelight Kirtan in Kenora with Shell Andrea

December 28th 6-8pm

Please register early for this event or drop in the evening of. (we will not be answering registration questions after December 19th but you are welcome to come and pay the day of the event).

Kirtan is an ancient Yogic practice that has been described as a way to connect deeply with the essence of your Self. It is a participatory, call and response creation of meditational music. To find out more about this event check out our event page on facebook.

Online classes and courses from the Happy Backs & Love Your Pelvic Floor series with Jasmine Wild. A great gift and way to stay with your practice over the holidays. New videos

added weekly.

Coming in January....

Please note, posters show early bird pricing which ends December 10th! So register early.

We would like to thank all of our students and friends for supporting our studio in 2019, we will see you all in 2020 for more yoga, healing and wellbeing!

Happy Holidays