August Newsletter

Silver dust,

lifted form the earth,

higher than my arms reach,

you have mounted,

O, silver,

higher than my arms reach,

you front us with great mass;

no flower ever opened

so staunch a white leaf,

no flower ever parted silver

from such rare silver;

O, white pear;

your flower-tufts

thick on the branch

bring summer and ripe fruits

in their Purple Hearts.

~ Hilda Doolittle, 1916, Pear Tree


Happy August Long Weekend Yogis!

May your summer days be filled with fresh fruits and iced teas; may your evenings be filled with sparkling fires and loving friendships.

We have one more month of our summer schedule before our fall sessions start. So stay tuned for lots of updates as we approach the end of summer. But for now enjoy the longer days and warmer evenings.

Here is short stretchy practice from the 21 Day Online Yoga Challenge, for you to practice at the cabin or before work. If you would like to sign up for the full 21 days you can register through workshops/events or send us an email



Long & Strong with Bridgitte Brown



Morning Mobility with Jasmine


Yinyasana with Jasmine