LOTW June Newsletter

Life at the Lake

"It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside."

―Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib

Summer on the lake; there is nothing quite as magical and serene. The smell of the earth coming alive, the sensation of being barefoot on freshly cut grass , the sound of the waves and a crackling fire. And like a warm embrace Summer envelops you in her glow. Her golden light dusted all around you.

Get ready for your summer with a bit of self-care and wellness. Join us for some amazing workshops in June. From yoga and meditation to live music and Qi Gong. We welcome everybody and all bodies to our warm community and therapy based studio.


Qi Gong with Gayleen Bell

A 4 week introduction to Qi Gong. Qigong (Chi Kung) is an ancient Chinese healing art involving controlled breathing, meditation and fluid movement exercises designed to improve physical and mental well-being and prevent disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine shares the central concepts of patterns of energy flow in the body. “Qi” or “Chi” travels through the body through channels called meridians. These 12 meridians correspond to 12 major organs in the body. Qigong techniques improve the balance and flow of energy to increase overall health and vitality.

Classes will include warmups for joints and organs, five elements qigong movements, five element mudras, eight brocades and finally the eighteen forms. Postures and movements are designed to strengthen, stretch, tone and improve the flow of energy in the body, stimulate and heal the organs and calm associated emotions.

$60 plus tax

4 Weeks starting June 10th

Mondays 5:15-6:15pm


Kirtan: Music, Mantra & Meditation with Shell Andrea

Come and experience a Yoga meditation practice that involves live music and mantras at Lake of the Woods Yoga Studio!

Kirtan is an ancient Indian yogic practice of singing or chanting from the heart. It’s a celebration, a meditation, a rejuvenation and a powerful way to connect to yourself and others.

Yogis Shell and Anton fell in love with the tradition of kirtan in India. It is a practice that is becoming more and more widely found across our western world because of it's uplifting and heart opening benefits.

Shell and her partner Anton guide you through the repetition of Yoga chants to calm and focus the mind and bring you into the present moment. The simplicity of the harmonium, the djembe drum, and the voices around you, leave you feeling the energy of this practice. Learn how to take this technique into your daily life and routine to access anytime you need it! No experience necessary!

Investment: $35

Saturday June 15th



Safe Yoga4YOU with Susan Cone

Yoga related injuries are on the rise among experienced and novice yogis!

Come and learn about:

- Common injuries

- Poses that may cause injuries

- How you can personally avoid them Be prepared to participate in personal adaptations and adjustments for your body.

Tuesday June 25th


only 8 spaces

$89 ($84 until June 18th)


Sound Healing Through Vocal Yoga with Olivia Whiddon

& Jasmine Wild

A collaboration between LOTW yoga studio & The Olivia Whiddon Academy of Music. Instructed by Jasmine Wild & Olivia Whiddon.

When we think of sound healing we often think of Tibetan Singing Bowls or Crystal Bowls. But we all have access to a powerful instrument right inside of us. Our VOICE.

Learn to fill your whole body with healing vibrations. Release your voice and the inner power of the throat chakra in this 2 part workshop. You will practice to breathe and connect to the diaphragm/deep core muscles. As you breathe out and control the vibration of the vocal cords through singing therapy techniques.

one session for $60 or both for $102.

Thursdays June 27th & July 4th






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