May Newsletter

May Newsletter


"Recognize that part of the practice is to break the humanity chain more collectively, and this is a part of what this is, we can not think that we are simply healing ourselves individually without working to heal society at the same time." ~ Dr. Jared Kass 'Trauma - Informed + Social Justice Orientations in Yoga Psychology + Practice'


When we think we are alone in our experience we are isolating ourselves from the full healing process. We are individual unique waves all a part of the same ocean. Sometimes we think we need to earn the right to be a part of community, that we are not worthy of being loved until we are whole on our own. And that we need to fix all our broken pieces before we can be accepted. But we through practice we can learn to recognize that we are born with the quality of indestructible wholeness, we just need to re-claim it. It is from this wholeness that we can heal the parts that need healing. And this healing comes in many forms. At LOTW yoga studio it comes through meditation and yoga.

This month at LOTW yoga studio our offerings are all about healing and finding joy.


Please Note: The Monday Holidays may result in a change of end date for Belly Dancing and

Qi Gong.


To register use our online portal:

If you are registering on your smartphone you may need to search for the desired workshop using the name of the course or the instructor.


We are also building our online free resources for you. Keep checking our WildTribeWellness page for all the latest videos, recording and pdfs for you to watch and download.




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