April LOTW Newsletter

"Wellness is a state of being."

~J. Standford

Lean in to self care this month. Not because its trendy or you earned it, but because it's your fundamental right. Your health and your wellbeing depends on the actions you take towards self love and compassion each and every day. And guess what, YOU are totally worth it.


​ When was the last time you checked in with yourself? "By pulling in spirit, mind, body and heart, the fullness of that experience brings us face to face with ourselves and that experience is liberating." (Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis).

I welcome you to take five minutes right now to check in:

(A Practice of Self-Regulation from Joyce Bosen)

Grounding - Are you sitting, standing or laying?

Notice the parts of your body that are in connection and making contact to the floor, chair, mat? I invite you to feel the support underneath your feet, your legs, your arms.

Orienting - You can even look at your feet, your legs, the parts of your body that are being held and supported. If you like softening your gaze downward or letting your eyes close.

Finding Centre - I invite you now to exhale and gently engage your pelvic floor and draw naval to spine. Creating internal heat and bringing your focus down into the abdomen where the chatter of the mind can be burned to ash and swept away.

I welcome you to now notice the parts of your body that have relaxed. The shoulders dropping away from the ears.

You are now welcome to notice the breath. All is well.

"I am safe, I am present, I am peaceful."

Notice where you feel the breath, moving through the muscles in the face, the back of the brow. Dancing playfully in the vertebrae on the back of the neck, sweeping down. Sparkling through the eyes. Exhaling out any debris that no longer serves you.

Connected with earth or chair or mat, "I am Grounded"

Connected in body, engage pelvic floor, naval to spine, "I am Centred."

Hands resting peacefully, "I am Safe."

Eyes gazing down, "I am Oriented."

Breathe in and out, "I am Present."

I invited you to lift your gaze and open your eyes.


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