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Flannelette Sheets

Cozy blue sweats,

Waffle weave shirt,

woolly Great-Grandpa socks.

Slip into bed,

on a cold winters night,

faery-lights dancing in once golden-locks.

As I fall asleep in my flannelette sheets.

A poem I wrote in 1993 I was ten years old. The socks I wrote about, I am wearing them in my Hygge photo. Still as warm and nostalgic as they were 25 years ago.

I was going through my old notebooks and this poem reminded me of the spirit of Hygge 'the coziness of the soul' and embracing our winter months rather than worrying about them.

In the colder months of the year it becomes all too easy for us to isolate ourselves. And while I am one who loves snuggling in and watching movies with the faery-lights glowing and a warm cup of tea, the winters here are long. Long periods of isolation can lead to depression and feelings of sadness and despair. This time of year I always miss my Grandpa George. His whiskery kisses, his warm hugs, his stories and his laugh. I hold the memories of him forever in my heart. And this year we have our baby George to bring us joy over the holidays. The twinkly blue of his eyes so reminiscent of his Great-Grandpa George. The very light we needed to remind us of the beauty of it all.

Take your moments of hibernation in moderation and remember to get together with family and friends. Go ice-skating, make coffee dates, play board games and go to yoga classes.

Before the holidays we have a few Hygge classes to get you set for the coming winter. Drink tea, feel a sense of community and meditate in your warmest woolliest socks!

Hygge Yoga with Jasmine

Saturdays December 8th &15th at 10:30am

Tuesdays December 11th & 18th at 5:30pm

Tuesdays Long & Strong at 10:30am with Bridgitte will run until December 18th (no class December 25th or January 1st). and resume January 8th.

Wednesdays Essentrics at 10am with Karine will run until December 19th (no class December 26th) and resume January 2nd.

Saturdays 'CORE' (mobility) at 10:30am with Jasmine will start again January 5th (no class December 22nd or 29th).

Our January schedule is up in Mindbody and on our website. You can already start registering for our new year sessions.

Happy Backs - Breathe & Recharge

with Jasmine

Tuesdays Jan 15th - March 3rd 5:30pm

Thursdays March 28th - May 16th 5:30pm

During this course you will learn to let go of stresses in the body, mind and spirit. Through pranayama (breath) practices, restorative asana (postures), guided meditation, and sound therapy. You will learn basic anatomy of the spine so that you may better understand your own body.

A therapeutic yoga practice that will give you the tools you need to find ease and recharge. Foundations - A Beginners Guide to Yoga with Jasmine Wednesdays Jan 23rd - Feb 27th 6:30pm

In this short Beginner Yoga Workshop you will learn the history/philosophy of yoga, breathing techniques, yoga poses, meditation and more. A step by step guide to prepare you for any basic drop in or multi-level yoga classes. This workshop includes 4 weeks of material and 2 additional classes for extra practice and review (or if you have to miss you can make up a class). You will also get a practice guide to follow at home along with recorded meditations. Happy Backs - Mobility & Stability with Jasmine Thursdays Jan 17th - March 7th 5:30pm

Tuesdays March 26th - May 14th 5:30pm

Find a balance between mobility and stability. Build strength with the breath and learn to move more efficiently. Through pranayama (breath) practices, asanas (postures) that focus on creating strength deep within, and guided meditations. You will learn basic anatomy of the spine and connecting muscles and tissues so that you may better understand your own body.A therapeutic approach to strength that will give you the tools you need to feel strong and supple. A NEW Wednesday evening drop in class! Wednesdays Sacral Slow Flow

5:15-6:15pm Create strength through softness. This class will take you through movements and breathing that focused on the second chakra Svadhishthana (sacral). The sacral chakra is located near the sacrum and hips, within the pelvis.Each class will include practicing pranayama (breath), asana (postures), meditation/mudras, chanting and even dance that will ignite your second chakra and spark your creativity. Too often we ignore the health of our pelvic floor. Yet it is the foundation of our strength. Join us in reclaiming that strength and igniting your joy and passion for your body and your life.

May your holidays be bright. It's our first Christmas this year as a family!

From Jasmine, Nathan & George,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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