Our Top 10 Relax the Back Poses

Top 10 Relax the Back Poses from our Happy Backs Class!

Get ready to relax!


Welcome to our first ever online Top 10!

Enjoy some of our favourite moves from our popular Happy Backs class.

Your ultimate guide to getting a happier more relax spine.

Our Top 10 Relaxing Restorative Poses and Breath Work

Are you ready to feel taller, stronger and more relaxed? Us too!

Remember to make the poses your own. If something doesn't feel right adjust it so that it does. You won't practice if it doesn't feel good so make each pose suit your own unique body.


Begin with observing any and all sensations in the body. What are you feeling right now? Are you holding tension somewhere you didn't even know? Maybe the jaw or the shoulder? Let them relax.

Now where is your breath? Where do you feel your breath in the body?

Close your eyes and practice visualizing the breath and where you feel it. On your inhales slowly and mindfully draw your breath towards the bottom of your ribs. Feel a sense of expansion. Not just in the front of the ribs but also the sides and the backs. Feel your abdomen soften as you take this full deep inhale and on your exhale ... let go.

With each exhale let go deeper.

(When I talk about letting go - let go of anything that is holding you back from fully surrendering here. Thoughts, feelings, tension, etc. If it helps, imagine sinking into a big comfy chair or bed at the end a long day.)

Once you have established this deep Diaphragmatic Breath. count at least 10 cycles of breath (inhale with a sense of expansion/ exhale let go - this is one cycle)

You may wish to stay in the poses longer; listen to your body and allow it the time and space it needs to feel happy.

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May your inner beauty, grace and strength now reflect in your outer being.