June Newsletter

Hello Yogis,

I absolutely love this time of year. When everything is coming back to life, greener and brighter. The smell of lilacs and rain. A great time to get out of the lake and into nature and also a great time to get back into your yoga routine, try something new or revisit your favourite class and instructor.

Coming at you this month we have a ton of amazing experiences for.

Acro Yoga at LOTW with our guest instructors - you really have to try this at least once. And these two are doing these classes by donation, how amazing is that! Bring your friends or come alone and make new ones. See the poster for more details. Karla Treadway is teaching at a yoga retreat on beautiful Lake of the Woods - you can contact her for more details. Karla will also be hosting a Girl Tribe event in the studio - Creating Vision Boards - date/time to be announced. Next Monday join us in the cafe for some live music - Kirby with Lake of the Lights! Tickets are $10. We also have more questions from you about yoga. So here are the next two: Why do we only breathe through our nose in yoga? and .... What's with the breath of fire? Well simple answer for why do we breathe through our nose, is because that's what it was made for. We have tiny hairs in our nostrils to help filter and clean the oxygen we breathe in. The nostrils were designed to be a direct path to the esophagus and the rest of the respiratory system. Why we use the nose in yoga is because breathing through the nostrils keeps our breath focused. It's just another way for us to slow down and smooth out the breath. If we were constantly switching between breathing through our nose and our mouth well we wouldn't really be consciously breathing would we? Our breath is incredibly important in yoga; it's what makes yoga, yoga. There are different types of breathing or pranayama techniques that use the mouth as well, but again these are conscious actions. Our breath keeps us present and in the moment as we practice. The breath also lets us know what's gong on with the physical body as well as our mental and emotional states of being. If our breath is short, jagged, forced or shallow; these are all indications of stress. We use focused controlled breathing in yoga to calm the nervous system which in turn results in our muscles and our physical being becoming more relaxed as well.

What is the breath of fire? Also known as Agni the breath of fire is a form of powerful pranayama from Kundalini Yoga. Pranayama simply is breathing practice; although it means much more than that. Prana is energy or our life force. During Pranayama practitioners are igniting this prana in different ways for different purposes. The breath of fire is a rapid breath that uses a quick inward contraction of the abdominal muscles paired with a quick and forceful exhale through the nose followed by a quick inhale through the nose. This practices is beneficial for quickly oxygenating the body, creating heat and energy, purifying for the respiratory system and the rapid rhythm creates a harmony throughout the body and mind. Cautions: Always practice pranayama with a competent instructor. If you become dizzy or lightheaded cease practice and rest.

I always look forward to hearing from you, if you have any further questions about these topics or classes send me a message


Looking forward to a fun and exciting summer. Remember to take time for you because you are important and you are worth it! Light & Love



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