August Newsletter

Yogis and friends,

You are exactly WHO & WHERE & WHAT you need to be. And you are lovely!

We are in the midst of our summer season here in Kenora, on beautiful Lake of the Woods. This is the time of year when we remember why we put up with 8-9 months of winter.

How blessed are we to spend August in the Boreal forest along the lake shore. Days at the beach, evenings on the deck, and time spent with family and friends; there are so many little things in each day to be grateful and happy for.

Happiness is a choice not a destination. You only have right now and there is joy in this moment.

Let's talk about happiness for a moment. What makes you happy?

Let's forget about the "I'll be happier when....." What makes you happy right now?

For me it's always gratitude for what I already have. And yes if your having a bad day or week its tough to be happy or think about being grateful. But don't let a bad morning or a bad moment ruin the rest of your day or the rest of your week. It's important to let yourself feel bad. Be angry, be cranky, be sad. Have a day where you don't get dressed or don't do the dishes. And then let it go. Feel it fully so that you are able to move on.

And then find your gratitude. Like right now, typing this email my cat is laying on my lap snoring. Sure its awkward typing with my arms stretched around her.... but that face! I know anyone out there with fur babies (or real babies) gets it. That look of utter contentment of their sweet little sleeping face and even though you have to go to the bathroom you won't move for hours because.... that face!

And yes it has been a stressful couple of weeks transitioning our lives and I've had days where I don't want to get out of bed or I teach my morning classes and then I go back to bed in the afternoons; but over the last month I've also had moments of joy. You know those moments when out of no where your smiling and your not really sure why but its just that, that moment you are right there and you are exactly, who and where and what you need to be; and it really is lovely. How are you giving yourself the time to be happy this summer?

We went out to our cabin July long weekend and actually had a few days off. Like real days off (It's been three years since we had a whole weekend of doing nothing). We slept in, we lay on the dock in the sun, went swimming, ate bowls of blueberries and I read a book; for entertainment (its been awhile) and we didn't answer emails or phone calls. We had no where to be but just where we were. I remember being alone at one point and I looked up from my book out across the lake. It was hot and there were sun beams dancing in the waves, I was sweating and decided to take a dip in the lake. I lowered myself down the ladder and heaved a genuine, deep, from the bottom of my gut sigh. That moment was so delicious it was like eating a bowl of blueberries in one gulp. And I was completely alone, just me and the water and I smiled a big toothy smile. It was so big and unforced that I laughed out loud to myself because I couldn't put a tangible reason to why I was so happy, I just was. Taking time to be in nature alone is one thing I would put on my happiness list.

So let's forget the "I'll be happier when......"

What makes you happy right now. Make a list, write it down.

5 Things today that make you happy:






What are some small things you can do everyday to give yourself the time and space to be happy this summer? Take the time to breathe and find that space.

Find your happiness today and do the same tomorrow!

Love and kindness


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