10 Mobility Moves for a Happy Back

Practice our top 10 Mobility Moves from our Happy Backs Class at home!

Move with your breath and listen to your body!

We are celebrating the love of movement with our top 10 favourite mobility moves from our Happy Backs class. What makes your spine happier than movement? If there's an answer I don't know what it is. Movement keeps our joints and connective tissues healthy and young. The more you practice mobility work the more supple you will become; and the happier your whole body will feel.

Is your back stiff and achy or do you just need to relax? Go back and read our top 10 Relaxing Poses for the Back and come back to this one when your ready to move.



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To Begin

We are starting off laying on our backs and finding our DB (Diaphragmatic Breath). Find a comfortable reclined position laying on your mat. Gently place your hands on your lower ribs and begin to focus your breath towards your hands. On your inhales feel your hands raise as you breathe towards the bottom of the ribs with a sense of expansion. As you exhale feel your hands and ribs relax back in.

Repeat this until your breath feels easy and deep.

1. Knees into chest with DB

One at a time bring your knees in towards your chest. Take a moment here to gently rock from side to side or up and down. If it feels good, circle the knees in both directions and massage out the lower back and hips.

On your inhales breathing towards the bottom of the rib cage let your knees come away from your torso. Keep your hands on your knees or shins. Let the ribs expand with the breath as you open up your pose.

On your exhales bring your knees back in as you feel the ribs relax back in towards each other. Press all your breath out as you hug the knees in.

Keep moving in and out with your breath. Let your breath guide you here. Remember to keep your jaw soft and shoulders relaxed.

Repeat this movement 3-6 times as it feels right to you.

2. Legs Extended with DB

Start with your knees into chest again; you can relax your arms down beside you. This time as you inhale reach the bottom of your feet towards the ceiling and extend the legs. Keep a soft bend in your knees as you flex the toes at the peak of your inhale. Feel the ankles stack over the hips as you breath into the rib cage.

As you exhale soften the knees back into the chest. You can hug the knees in or leave your arms resting on the floor. Once again feel the ribs close as you reach the end of the exhale. On your inhale extend the legs back up. Keep moving with your breath.

Repeat this movement 3-6 times as it feels right for you.