Betsy Harris

Yoga Instructor

Betsy completed her 200hr YTT in 2019 at MVMNT studio. She loves a variety of classes to keep it interesting. 

Betsy coached Nordic skiing for many years for KNBC ski team. Skiing is still a passion for her as she loves the outdoors.
In her childhood Betsy was a dancer and gymnast. She loved the 80s aerobics classes from jazzer size to step classes. She started running at age 39 and did her first half marathon at age 40. From there her love of fitness evolved to include Crossfit and Bootcamp. From there she attending her first yoga class and fell in love with the movement. 

She teaches a variety of classes but always love to teach what her students respond to the most. She views her role as a teacher more of the inspired student. Sharing what she learns in every class.


Jasmine Wild

Yoga/Fitness Therapy Instructor/Owner

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Karine Perrin

Essentrics Instructor

Karine took her Business Degree at the University of Manitoba and worked in sales & marketing for over 10 years. With increasing stress on her health at a young age, she decided to switch careers and explore the world of health & wellness. She was lucky that various life events aligned at the time, which gave her the opportunity to consider an Essentrics instructor certification. It was her mother who introduced her to the workout as she was taking classes with a local instructor in her hometown of Winnipeg. From the moment Karine tried her first Essentrics class, she was hooked.

"It was so beneficial for my own health and the science behind the program fascinated me. I had always exercised in the more traditional sense, but Essentrics was such a unique program and completely different from anything else I had tried. I decided that my new path was going to be teaching Essentrics, bringing together my interest in health & wellness along with the world of small business".

Karine completed her Essentrics certification in 2015 and started teaching in 2016.

"I love seeing the changes or improvements of my clients. Both physical and mental. It’s amazing to hear feedback and know that I am helping others live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Clients telling me they feel stronger, they have more energy, they have less pain, they can touch their toes, they can participate more with their grandkids. I love sharing my passion for Essentrics because I truly believe that it is a game changer for your health. My goal is to make classes fun and motivating".


Melanie Kozak

Yoga Instructor

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Sharron Struk

Barre/Essentrics/Pilates Instructor

Sharron is a certified fitness instructor who has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years.

With a background in Cecchetti Ballet, her favourite workouts usually have a dance component.

Having achieved certification in Pilates, Barre, Yoga fit, Zumba and Schwinn Indoor Cycle, variety is a constant in her classes.


Sharron is a believer in Committing to a Program.  Programs designed by a fitness instructor provide structure in a format designed

 to be followed in a specific order for optimum results.  Choosing random workouts equal random results and may lead

to burnout and injury.  A progressive program be it in Barre, Yoga, Pilates or Cardio based will introduce the movement ensuring  correct alignment

and execution. 

Programs provide goals, the goal of finishing a program of even 4 classes sometimes gives participants the jump start they need to continue on their

own fitness journey.  Programs provide a sense of camaraderie.  A spirit of friendship and community develops with like minded people showing up together.


Susan Cone

Yoga Instructor

Susan has taught at LOTW Yoga studio for 4 years and loves this studio! The people who come here, the space to work in and most importantly the studio owner are what makes teaching at LOTW studio so rewarding.

In Susan's past life, she was an occupation therapist for half her working career and a marriage and family therapist for the other half. Susan has always been involved in leading and teaching physical activity classes along side her professional life. She started as a swim teacher, fitness teacher and now a yoga teacher.

Moving here permanently to Kenora from Winnipeg with her husband was a retirement dream for the couple. They love the beauty of the lake, the friendliness of the community and the healthy outdoor lifestyle. The couple winter in California so Susan concentrates her teaching in the 6 month period from spring to fall each year.