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My Story

I grew up surrounded by the allure of  Lake of the Woods. Spending all of my summers playing in the water and the trees. The boreal forest and the lake quickly became a part of my soul much in the same way the rain permeates the dry earth. 

When two or more elements are united in this manner they are said to be 'yoked' or brought together. In Sanskrit the work for 'yoke' is Yoga. In this sense I have always practiced yoga and it has always been a part of me.

I completed my undergrad in Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) at the University of Calgary in 2008 and my Bachelor of Education at Lakehead University in 2014. That same year I opened a retail store and became a yoga instructor through Santosha.

But my passion was always to learn how to heal my own body and so my focus was on empowering myself and other women to take control of their health and wellbeing. After having my first son I research postpartum recovery and became a Core Confidence (pelvic floor health) Specialist and Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist. I love helping women of all ages reconnect with their physical bodies and their goddess spirits, and to live a healthy life through mindfulness, yoga and other holistic practices.