Yogini Meditation on Water

Namaste! Welcome to Lake of the Woods Yoga Studio!

How blessed are we to be able to call this beautiful lake home? Whether it's your permanent address or your occassional get away, Lake of the Woods provides the perfect setting for yoga, meditation, healing, and relaxation. Located just blocks away from Lawrenson’s Creek you can boat and walk to the studio in the summer.

LOTW studio is focused on providing healing and wellness through the therapeutic practices of yoga. We offer a variety of classes/sessions that are accessible to all students and all bodies. Whether you are looking to get stronger, or looking to heal from from injury or  trauma there is a class for you.


Healing our whole being - body, mind, emotion and spirit. Many of our classes focus on the health of our spine and pelvic floor, making them perfect for prenatal and post-natal students as well as our older students. At LOTW we teach to the individual rather than a prescribed style or class. Yoga is the opportunity to spend time with yourself and learn to heal from a place of wholeness.


This will guarantee that your yoga practice is one that will be sustainable for the rest of your life.

LotW Yoga Studio offers yoga classes as sessions and series so you learn together in healing. We offer a few drop-in classes during the week which you can attend at your convenience. Workshops and community events are also offered for all skill levels. Yoga mats and props are provided for free.

At LotW Studio we are dedicated to creating a community of kindness one breath at a time. And that after each class you feel beautiful, you know your strength and you experience joy. Take what you learn on your mat back into your life and spread love!